Saturday, November 10, 2012

Endless roller coaster ride

Hi. My name is Rozeeta, in case you've already forgotten my name. Yeah I used to be consistent. Updating this invisible blog of mine. But then, it gets lesser and lesser. And then I completely disappeared. That was it. Silence.

And today, here I am. Back again. After 6 months.

I've been on this roller coaster ride, you know? That's why I was unable to commit to this blog. The ride was terrifying for me. I hate roller coasters. And to top it off, it was a never-ending ride. Nauseous.

There were ups and downs and downs and ups and downs and downs and even more downs. Obviously you can see that there were more downs. So I was in this world of mine. It was a "me against the world" feeling.

I decided to take a leap of faith and jump off the roller coaster. Lucky me, I'm still alive. Just a few bruises here and there. The pain is there still. But I'm recovering. At least I think so. 

ps: i miss all my blog friends

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