Friday, December 11, 2009

all sorts of things about rozeeta

the highlights of my life..

  • i'm rozeeta rashid.. 20 years n going to be 21 next month..

seksi tak? haha

  • i'm a year younger than those in my batch..
  • i like to challenge myself, love calculations and have high imagination..
  • pemain game yg kronik n a phd holder in internet surfing..
  • youngest among my siblings.. my bro is 18 years older than me while my sis is 16 years older..
  • my dad passed away last year on 19th february.. i was on my way back to penang when he passed away.. my mom lives alone in penang now.. my bro n sis are in kl..
  • i luv music! well i think that's obvious isn't it? even my blog's name is musicfreak.. i've had wonderful experiences being in sggs band n also in uitm.. joined various competitions n performances.. joined merdeka parade for 5 years in penang n another 2 years in perlis.. played trumpet, alto horn n french horn.. wish i could study music instead of what i'm currently studying.. playing in an orchestra would be very interesting.. i'd love to be a professional trumpet player..
  • i'm a diploma graduate in business studies.. i studied in uitm arau.. diploma moments was awesome!! had lots of fun.. ada ramai pak lawak dalam kelas.. memang havoc!! batch kami plak yang paling ramai.. so memang susah nak lupa kenangan tu.. unfortunately everything is over now.. we have to go our own ways.. yg slack sikit pasal diploma tu sebab xdapat anc sebab result final sem yg bangang..

pre grad

gua kelam

rehearsal convo yg mengalahkan convo.. haha

  • now i'm pursuing my studies in Bachelor in Biz Management (Finance).. n still in uitm arau! already completed a semester.. not as fun as diploma though.. very tiring.. classes are packed! exams are hard.. luckily i have crazy housemates who make me laugh non-stop.. muahahaha..

these are my classmates

before going to langkawi

these are my dearest housemates.. yeah!

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